Horse Club Advent Calendar 2021

Horse Club Advent Calendar 2021
Behind the 24 doors of the Schleich Horse 2021 Advent Calendar are exclusive Schleich® Horse Club figures and accessories that light up children's eyes. A beautiful Arabian mare gave birth to two little foals! Newcomers welcome the entire Lakeside. Lisa takes care of both of them lovingly and slowly leads them on a turquoise halter to the hygiene box. As Lisa saddles the mare, the cute foals examine the yard and jump dreamily over the red pole. The white bristle watches them, and even lets the bone lie so that it can mess with the foal and the cute cat in the meadow. The yellow duckling, on the other hand, prefers to crawl relaxed in a bucket full of water. Set contains: 1x girl, 2x Arabian foal, 1x puppy, 1x Arabian mare, 1x chicken, 1x bridle for foal, 1x tree trunks, 1x bone, 1x blue bowl, 1x bridle for foal, 1x box with food, 2x obstacle rod, 1x apples, 1x obstacle - tree trunk, 1x box with hygiene supplies, 1x bucket, 1x massage brush, 1x cat, 1x scraper, 1x hoof scraper, 1x Lisina bridle with reins, 1x Lisino saddle. The Schleich figurines are extremely detailed, lovingly painted and allow children to play while learning and getting to know the animals. Package size: 39 x 7.5 x 28.5 cm. Recommended age: 5-12. Not suitable for children under 3 years.
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