Stroller for dolls 3 in 1

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DeCuevas 80535 Folding stroller for dolls 3 in 1 with backpack SKY 2020 - 70 cm is from the innovated collection SKY 2020, which has cute elephants this year. This collection has gained popularity thanks to its modern gray-white practical combination with pink accessories.Accessories and equipment:• Detachable deep body with the possibility of placement in the direction and against the direction of travel and convertible into a sports seating variant• Three-point belt system for attaching the doll• Ornately sewn basket cover with velcro• Elephant-shaped decorative pillow• Decorative backpack for a pram or back in an elephant design• Storage space at the bottom of the stroller• Swivel front wheels for easier driving• Stroller dimensions: 62 × 41 × 70 cm (height to handle)• Internal dimensions of the basket: 45 x 20 cm (l x w)• The doll is not includedAdditional information:• Beautiful Spanish design• Precise processing• Folding model• Very easy to manipulate during the game itself• Material: metal, plastic, textile• Packed in a box in collection colors• Package dimensions: 59 x 19 x 37 cm (l x w x h)• Package weight: 4.3 kg• Selected models have a QR code on the packaging with video instructions for assembly• Recommended age from 3 yearsDeCuevas 80535 Folding stroller for dolls 3 in 1 with backpack SKY 2020 - 70 cm, from the innovated collection SKY 2020 in modern gray-white colors, thanks to the higher handle and the combined function of deep and sports stroller is more suitable for preschool girls, all this more when playing. The advantage is also a removable portable basket, in which the doll can be safely carried. After assembly, it does not take up much space and is also practical for transport by car.Beautiful Spanish design, precise workmanship. Folding model, very easy handling during the game itself. Material: metal, plastic, textile. Packed in a box in the colors of the collection. Recommended age from 3 years.
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