Rappa s.r.o. was established as a family company in 1991. Since the beginning of its activity, it has specialized in import and wholesale of toys, fireworks and confectionery from abroad. In 2000 the independent company Rappa pyro s.r.o. was separated from the original company, which fully took over the range of fireworks. In 1994 the company started to build warehouses in Ostrava - Polanka, later also office administrative facilities and since 2001 the company has its headquarters here.

Rappa s.r.o. it employs over 20 people, most of whom have worked here for more than 10 years.

Scope of activities:

 - import and distribution of toys and carnival goods from all over the world
 - cooperation with major Czech and Slovak toy manufacturers
 - cooperation with major importers and distributors of brands

We currently offer over 2000 items. When ordering goods we emphasize quality, price, safety, design and packaging of goods.

We build our own brands:

Rappa s.r.o. owns licenses for traditional Czech fairy-tale characters such as Mole, Ferda Mravenec or characters from the popular comic book Čtyřlístek. License items include, for example, treasury, umbrellas, paper or plastic kites, etc.

Exclusive plush toys collection includes exotic animals in real design, pets from horses to bristling cats and classic dogs. Many products from this collection are made according to our own original design.

We also offer a wide range of plastic animals from all over the world of various sizes.

Our Baby collection includes a large selection of plastic, plush and sound toys for babies, all in a single package for the 0+ age group.

We focus our range on carnival events and parties. Costumes, wigs, hats and accessories including party programs for children and adults.

Nowadays also very popular creative toys from the Canadian company ORB, which focuses its assortment for both girls and boys.

Rappa s.r.o. supplies its products in the Czech and Slovak Republics to hundreds of independent retailers, retail chains and distributors with the aim of offering a wide range of goods and the highest quality service.