Our Brands

Since 2004, our company builds its own brand. We focus on a very popular carnival assortment and handmade plush animals. Other, parents' favorite products are toys for the smallest - BABY collection or collectible animals of all kinds and sizes. For all boys who like to build, we offer great AUSINI kits, for girls we offer creative sets of the Canadian brand ORB. All children will also enjoy our funny items from our offer.

When choosing and ordering our entire assortment, we put emphasis on quality and originality.


For plush toys our company is focusing for over 15 years. RAPPA plush toys have excellent reviews thanks to a pleasant, soft material and high quality handmade finish. Cats of all colors, dogs of all kinds, but also cheerful suricatas, cute seals, laughing pandas, white tigers, polar bears or colorful parrots. From our plush kingdom of animals, everyone really chooses his favorie.


Our ever-evolving collection of unique toys is known for its quality, its favorable price and also the fact that it is a toy that is unique in our market. Trams in various designs, metal buses and trolleybuses, a cash box with Czech goods, products with a legendary Little Bit, which were created according to the designs of the famous Czech illustrator Zdenek Miler, train set up in cooperation with Czech Railways, buses and train sets created in cooperation with the company RegioJet and many more - these are our unique toys.


Carnival? It is ours! Exclusive costumes, creepy masks, funny wigs, famous hats, party accessories, but also great decorations for any occasion at any age. We are also specialized in the so-called "seasonal carnival". In summer are cheerful collections of HAWAII's accessories, and for winter we can offer beautiful Christmas decorations. In the period of "burning witches", all will be amazed by countless witchcraft accessories that can be used also in Halloween times. Fans of beautiful princesses, state knights, wild indians and cowboys, or pirates will also choose by us.


Rattles, teethers, roundabouts, bar itself, water toys, educational toys and other products for babies from the collection BABY, appreciated especially by small children and therefore their moms and dads. All RAPPA BABY toys are certified since 0 years, they are safe and have original packaging with yellow RAPPA design. In addition, you can take advantage of a loyalty program that will make BABY toys even more enjoyable.

AUSINI Building Kits

The AUSINI kits have imaginative design and a wealth of accessories that can attract kids of all ages! Their biggest advantages are a wide assortment in which each girl and every kid chooses, and compatibility with world-famous builders. All this is offered by AUSINI without compromising quality at a very reasonable price.


A small joke always pleases! These tiny items are an ideal gift for all children who play with them. We offer everything from slimes, balls, glass beads, shaping masses, dinosaur eggs, clown noses, puzzles to throwing aircraft.


For animal collection lovers we offer beautiful figurines of animals of all kinds. This figurines are made of rubber or PVC and have beautiful details. The collection of our offer includes not only safari animals, domestic and wild animals, aquatic animals, dinosaurs, but also birds, reptiles and lizards. Products from the ANIMALS collection can be purchased separately or in original multi-piece bags.


For more informations contact us on e-shop@rappa.eu