BABY born Surprise Babies 4 PDQ 12 ass

BABY born Surprise Babies 4 PDQ 12 ass
Whoops! Now the stork also wears babies of flowers. He revealed their secrets nicely one by one. Babies are hidden inside the buds, which hide a lot of surprises. First, unwrap the wrap and look at the baby's baby shower. A newborn darling can nap as a flower, cat or unicorn. His eye is still closed. To find out what color they are, gently wipe his eyelids with a damp cloth. Then carefully open the fleece baby bag and you will see what the baby's skin tone, hair color and hairstyle is. And look at that amazing glitter effect! Is it a girl or a boy? And what color is his bottle? BABY born Surprise babies like to drink water from a bottle and have a diaper on which a nice pattern appears after soaking. Once you discover all the baby's secrets, you can fill out their birth certificate. It also includes a poster with an overview of BABY born Surprise babies and fun games. For playing and collecting. With drinking and peeing function, including a magic diaper. Various games with BABY born Surprise dolls increase the imagination.
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