Postage and transport

Where do we send:

 1 st group 

 2nd group   3rd group   4th group 


 Belgium   Bulgaria   Finland 


 Croatia   France   Ireland 


 Denmark   Italy   Liechtenstein 


 Estonia   Sweden   Norway 


 Latvia     Portugal 


 Lithuania     Spain 


 Luxembourg     Swizerland 








What are the prices:

 1 st group   2nd group   3rd group   4th group 
9 EUR  11 EUR  14 EUR  21 EUR

For orders over 299.- shipping is for free

Form of payment

We offer you following kinds of payments:

  • Online payment by card - quick and easy

  • Wire transfer - payment through the bank transfer on our bank account:

    Citfin: 1068365/2060
    IBAN: CZ91 2060 0000 0000 0106 8365
    Variable symbol of the payment correspond to the number of the order (the entries will be stated in the confirmation email).

    ATTENTION! The goods will be sent only after adding of your payment to our bank account. The payment must be paid until 5 working days. After that time will be the order cancelled.

  • Cash - personal takeover in Ostrava - Polanka n. O.. The customer will be contacted and informed about the order status. You can pick the goods up after previous agreement in working days: Mon - Thu 8.00 - 16.00 hours, Fri 8.00 - 15.00 hours.
For more information please send an e-mail to