About us

Rappa was founded in 1991, it is really unbelievable, but already more than 25 years, we try to fulfill every children's wish.



Now we stock over 2000 active items. When ordering in various destinations of the world, we emphasize on quality and not least on the price. Our toys are imported mainly from China, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, but we also cooperate with a number of Czech suppliers.

In 2010 we started very successfully distribute a wide collection of world-famous toy firm Zapf Creation brand assortment.

DEVELOPING OUR BRANDS - since 2004 we start to build our own brands:

BABY - quality, tested and affordable range of baby toys in the collection BABY. Now BABY entire range contains more than 70 items. All these items are in the Czech packaging in significantly yellow design.

ANIMALS OF THE WORLD- a wide range of animals in various sizes. All items in attractive Czech packaging and newly also in the Czech boxes.

Animal Kingdom - EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION - PLUSH - In many cases, we have very positive and laudatory responses to our exclusive collection of plush. From monkey, parrot over to classical dogs and ruffled cats - This collection of plush animals is really good.

CARNIVAL - we offer a wide choice of carnival costumes, masks and carnival accessories - more than 350 items.