Exploding Kittens Cat Burglar Edition

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Exploding Kittens Cat Burglar Edition
This special edition of Explosive Kittens contains all the cards from the original game Explosive Kittens and Sniffing ROBBERS! Move this ROBBER to another player and steal their valuable card. But beware, because being an extraordinary robber means being an extraordinary victim!Some information about the popular game Explosive Kittens:Exploding Kittens by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman and Shane Small is the most successful Kickstarter game of all time, changing the history of crowdfunding campaigns in 2015 when over 219,000 people contributed to its creation. The Explosive Kittens game is a cat version of Russian Roulette. Here, players take turns drawing cards until someone receives an Explosive Kitten, thus ending and being eliminated from the game. Of course, the deck also consists of cards that allow you to avoid the explosion, for example by being able to look at the cards before you take them, forcing your opponent to take several cards at once, or shuffling the deck, and much more. With each passing card, the game becomes more and more exciting, because as the number of them in the drawing deck decreases, the probability that you will draw a kitten and blow yourself up effectively increases!Funny illustrations with even funnier texts will amuse you and fully draw you into the game, which you will want to play over and over again. Each card is original. The rules of the game are very simple, explained in a few seconds.This version of the game can be combined with other games from the Explosive Kittens family.Package contents:56 cards1 foam cat figure1 Czech rules
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