Explosive Kittens: Obscene edition

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Explosive Kittens: Obscene edition
Explosive kittens were created by Elan Lee (XBOX, ARGs), matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) and Shane Small (Marvel), who rewrote the history of Kickstarter when more than 219,000 backers contributed to their project in 2015. Explosive kittens are an extremely strategic version of Russian roulette (only with kittens). Players draw cards until someone licks an explosive kitten, explodes, dies and is eliminated from the game. Other cards give you the opportunity to manipulate explosive kittens, defend them and generally stay out of their way. This developed version of the game contains the full version of Explosive Kittens, but the graphics of the individual cards have been changed and it is so terrible (or great, depending on taste) that it simply cannot be part of the standard edition of Explosive Kittens. You can play the deck alone or in combination with a second deck of up to 9 players. Package contents: 56 cards, rules.

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18 years
ADC Blackfire
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