BABY born Surprise AnimalBabies

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BABY born Surprise AnimalBabies
Time to monkey around! The stork is creating a carnival of animals and is dressing the BABY born Surprise babies in all manner of furry outfits.The little ones are disguised as animals from the jungle, the forest, the farm and from the poles. There are even a couple of fantasy creatures to be discovered.But who is it inside the animal costume? Is it a boy or a girl, and what colour is its baby bottle? At the beginning, the babies’ eyes are still closed. To find out their colour, gently wipe the dolls’ eyelids using a damp cloth. The animal babies love drinking water from their bottles and use their nappies. Wow, a surprise! A wonderful pattern appears in the nappy. Once you’ve discovered all the baby’s features, you can fill in the birth certificate. Including overview of BABY born Surprise Babies and playtime fun. •BABY born Surprise•For playing and collecting•Varied (role) play with BABY born Surprise boosts the imagination and has been proven to support the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathyBABY born Surprise Animal Babies including clothes, nappy, bottle, birth certificate with overview of the babies and games. 12 different designs.

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