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Touching, recognising, sorting! With this tactile game of memory from the "Sensory" product line, the goal is to touch various surfaces and find matching pairs. The game has 28 game pieces with 14 different surfaces to touch and sort. The seven pairs of fabric objects and seven pairs of differently-shaped wooden shapes all have different structures, materials, shapes, and colours. The game can be played either alone or with multiple players and is particularly suitable for children and people with visual impairments. Thanks to their size and the protruding box lid, the ergonomically shaped wooden play elements can be easily grasped by children and older people. After play is done, all of the game pieces fit into the cotton game bag. This sensory game not only promotes the development of one's sense of touch and memory, but also promises plenty of diverse playtime fun thanks to the different game variations. It can also be played as a game of visual memory, as the various surfaces also have different appearances. Whether a game piece can remain overturned or must be turned back over again is one way to adjust the difficulty level depending on the children's age and ability. It's a versatile memory-oriented parlour game that trains the sense of touch while being lots of fun! Main features: High-quality sensory game comprised of 28 game pieces including 7 wooden silhouette pairs and 7 fabric pairs, The game pieces have different structures, materials, shapes, and colours, allowing this tactile game of Memory to be also played like a regular game of visual Memory, The game is suitable for either single players or groups and is ideal for toddlers, adults, and people with visual impairments, The wooden game pieces are particularly easy for children to grasp during play and then put away into the cloth bag afterwards
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