the Game Dobble L.O.L.

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Children's version of the popular game Dobble based on popular characters L.O.L. Speed, observation, reflexes! Dobble L.O.L that's 30 different pictures, 30 cards, 6 pictures on a card and every two cards together have only one picture in common! The game is completely in Czech and Slovak and offers completely unique entertainment. Children look for two identical pictures on the cards in different versions of the game (a total of 5 games are described in the rules). Super are round cards and simple rules explained literally in a few seconds. The target group is mainly children but also parents - everyone who wants to have a good time and does not have time to read the long rules. The metal box guarantees the security of the cards and is another added value. Try Dobble L.O.L. and you'll be thrilled with how even a simple game can be fun!

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130×130×80 mm
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4 years
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