Abacus- colored beads

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Wooden abacus in a natural frame. A total of 100 wooden balls are strung on 10 bars, which are sorted by ten. The toy is a great tool for children who are starting to learn to count. Asians, for example, use this old technique in both private and public schools. When a child uses his finger to move the balls on the counter, the fingers cooperate with the brain to create a picture memory. When using the counter, the child uses both hands, this movement stimulates both parts of the brain, left and right. Children are then faster and more accurate. The child visualizes the image in his mind and continues to count accordingly. It's the perfect way to get your child to understand number systems in a fun way. If you want your child to use his potential, you can make it easier for him with the help of a counter. Mathematics, for example, is one of the least popular subjects in primary and secondary schools. | Size: 18.5 x 8.5 x 26cm Age: 2+

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