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Delicious and tactical battle.Randomly assemble the 4 tiles into a game plan, give each 15 donuts and play. Each move determines where the opponent can play. Your goal is to build a line of 5 donuts and not allow your opponent to fit yours into it.How to play:The first of you places your donut on any space on the game board. The line on the field you just placed your donut on determines where your opponent can play their donut. Your opponent then places one of their donuts on any free space in the directions indicated by this line. After the opponent's donut is placed, it is your turn to play again, and you too must place your next donut in the line indicated by the line on the currently occupied square. This is how you take turns.If all spaces in the direction specified by the opponent's played donut are already occupied, ignore the above rule and play your donut on any free space.If you place one or more of your donuts between two of your opponent's donuts, a ""insert"" occurs. Once this situation occurs, you flip the opponent's two donuts that are adjacent to the currently placed one your color face up.Package contents:30 wooden donuts4 double-sided game plan tiles1 rule sheet

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