Small foot Symmetry Game with Mirror

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Small foot Symmetry Game with Mirror
Discover reflections and symmetry in a fun way! This fascinating puzzle game in a convenient wooden box offers an opportunity to explore symmetrical figures and research geometric shapes. The goal of this child-friendly game of mirror tangrams is to lay the shaped tiles in front of the large, unbreakable mirror so that the tiles and their reflections match the images on the template card. The 32 double-sided template cards offer puzzles of varying and increasing difficulty. Thanks to the practical magnetic latch and its compact size, the game box can fit inside every school bag and is also an ideal companion and pastime when on trips. The geometry mirror game in the practical wooden box offers captivating play and learning fun while training spatial and geometric imatination and recognising patterns, shapes, figures, and their reflections and symmetries. It's an educational symmetry game that also trains concentration in a fun way. With its sturdy materials, the symmetry game has a long product lifespan and can be used over several years and beyond. Goes together great with other learning products from the "Educate" product line. Main features: Geometry mirror game with 32 double-sided template cards in a handy mirror box made of robust wood, Child-friendly puzzle game for learning symmetrical figures and geometric shapes, Large, unbreakable mirror, Offers symmetry puzzles of varying difficulty for children
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