Small foot motoric plate "Safari"

Small foot motoric plate "Safari"
Locking, opening, and discovering! This lovingly designed wooden activity board offers infants and toddlers plenty of versatile play and learning opportunities. The learning board comes in an exotic "Safari" look and has two windows and a door, all with various latches and a reward of a view of cute animals. Opening and closing the deadlock, door hook, and snap lock teaches kids everyday skills and trains their fine motor skills. This is a great Montessori-inspired toy which trains grasping ability, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills in a fun way. The house shape and brightly coloured look combined with natural wood make this motor activity board an absolute favourite in the nursery. Main features: Child-friendly learning board with two windows and a door that can be opened and closed with the help of a deadlock, door hook, and snap lock, This learning game in the form of a house has three different kinds of latch systems, offering toddlers multiple opportunities to play and learn, Three cute animals are waiting to be discovered behind the locked doors of this motor activity board: a lion, a tiger, and a monkey, This motor board in a "Safari" look is inspired by the Montessori method and impresses with its brightly-coloured design and lots of wood

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