Mysterium Kids: Cpt Echos treasure CS/SK

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Mysterium Kids: Cpt Echos treasure CS/SK
Kinder Spiel des Jahres 2023!According to legend, an amazing treasure is hidden in an old mansion on the outskirts of the city! You want to find him, and that's why you decided to spend the night in the mansion. After a futile search, you are about to give up when the ghost of Captain Skrip appears to help you find your treasure. He doesn't say much, but he plays the tambourine very well, with the help of which he tells you in which room you should look!Together, the players search for the captain's treasure, which they must find before the moon crosses the sky and the night ends.In each round, one player becomes the ghost of Captain Skrip. By playing the tambourine, the ghost provides clues to the other players to help them guess the correct noise card. When they succeed, a piece of the captain's treasure is revealed to them.Package contents:1 tambourine (synthetic material)1 plate of the manor house1 lap counter board1 token of the month5 spirit tokens78 noise cards10 treasure pieces,Czech and Slovak rules
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