Lets learn School Day (CZ)

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Welcome to class...Can you draw your favorite food?Can you name three types of weather?Take a look inside the school classroom with this cooperative game that allows children to try different subjects in a playful way.Collect the pieces of each item before the clock strikes three. You can pull out a break card with fun activities here and there during the game, and play with it as you like after class is over.In this creative game, one player plays the role of a teacher and reads task cards to others. The other players are students who collect pieces of individual objects by successfully completing fun tasks. When the teacher's clock strikes three, the school day and the game are over. Can your class collect all 7 item pieces before the game ends?Children get ideas through play.School Day is a cooperative game where everyone learns together and from each other. Playing improves social skills, the ability to work together and the patience to wait your turn. All this is important for a child when he starts going to school!The game also allows children to play school through interaction where they adopt different roles. They invent the rules of the game and learn to follow them together. Playing improves their imagination and creativity along with social skills.Package contents:game planboard with pieces of objectscardboard figure100 cards1 paper clock,5 descriptive tables5 erasable markersmushroomcube with stickersrules
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