Custom toys

Do you want to impress your business partners with something original? Do you want to launch a product with your logo or design? Contact us!

We have already completed several large and successful projects, such as our toy vans with PPL and Czech Post, the fully-functional trains of Czech Railways and RegioJet, a cash register and a trolley with real Czech goods and many more.

We are able to cover the entire process, from the initial design to the final delivery of the product to you.

Examples of our custom toys:


PPL - with a well-known provider of delivery services, we have created a van with the PPL logo.

RAPPA - Czech post

Czech Post - an iconic vehicle in the Czech Republic, we have created a Czech Post delivery van.

RAPPA - Czech railwaysRAPPA - Czech railways

Czech Railways - here we have created a toy which children really love. The result is the Czech Railways train, which runs in thousands of children's rooms.

RAPPA - RegiovlakRAPPA - RegiojetRAPPA - RegioAutobusRAPPA - RegioBusRAPPA - RegionalRAPPA - Regional

RegioJet - in cooperation with RegioJet, we have created a fully-functional train, a metal bus and a regional metal train.

RAPPA - Toys with Czech goodsRAPPA - Toys with Czech goodsRAPPA - Toys with Czech goodsRAPPA - Toys with Czech goods

Toys with Czech goods - we have joined together with companies such as Otma, Emco, Sunar, Vitana and the result is two absolutely fantastic toys for kids who can now play with miniature versions of the Czech food they see in their parents’ in shopping carts!

RAPPA - Abena

Abena - with this distributor of medical devices, we have created this custom teddy bear.

RAPPA - Rapík

Rappa - we have also created our own teddy bear - our mascot Rapík.

RAPPA - DPO tramvajRAPPA - DPO trolejbus

DPO - with the Ostrava Public Transport Company, we have created trams and trolleybuses in the regional design of Ostrava.


OZO - with OZO Ostrava, we have created a garbage truck in the design of the company.